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just days ’til graduation….

Rachell graduates from high school in ONE WEEK.  ONE WEEK. Wow. What an invigorating time of life. I remember. Rachell is quite possibly the sweetest teenager that I have ever met. I think all that know her would agree. And she has as much style and charisma in her little pinky as I do in…

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Zed Cards

Here in Las Vegas, there is a need for Zed Cards a.k.a. Comp Cards. Models and Actors as well as product reps use these with applications and auditions. Here is an example of a Zed Card. Please call if you have questions about a photo session for a Zed Card. Front: Back:

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Baby Bliss {Dante}

This little boy is absolutely perfect. Seriously. He’s only 8 days old. I’m not sure that Trina and Rich should have any more babies – they should stop here…. at perfection. Or maybe they should have 10 more, to make this world that much more beautiful!

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