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Delaney Miller | Class of 2010 | Las Vegas Senior Portraits

I meet such great kids.  I truly enjoy my senior sessions because it is usually just me and the senior kid one on one, talking about  WHATEVER while we shoot. Delaney is a TOTAL EXPERT on super heroes and comics. He realized rather quickly that I knew less than NOTHING about super heroes and comic…

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Sara and Jonathan | In LOVE <3 | Las Vegas Portraits

Sara and Jonathan are TOTALLY in love. They’ve been together for 8 years… married for 2 and have NEVER had portraits taken of themselves… until now! Sara is sweet and sincere, and Jonathan, a gamer with a GREAT sense of humor. He seriously kept us laughing during the whole shoot! Sometimes, the jokes were just…

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Kaylee Zentai | Class of 2010 | Senior Portraits Las Vegas

Kaylee Zentai… Coronado Class of 2010. What this means is, that there are only a few more weeks left of Kaylee’s high school career! Whoa. Wow. Just like that- it’s all of a sudden over! Crazy and exciting! Time to write the next chapter of the “Kaylee’s life book” . In an nutshell, Kaylee is…

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