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Most of my clients are referred by another client- they saw photos in their friends’ home, or on facebook- but these guys found me on the internet by doing a search for outdoor family portraits. YAY! This makes me happy.:)As much as I love getting work sent from prior clients, it makes me excited to know that some families actually make it down the search results far enough to find me. She said I was on the second page of her search- that’s actually quite an improvement.  I’m movin’ on up!

This family was super cute. The big sister was SO good with her 7 year old brother. You know how little brothers can be to big sisters…. he was that (in the ever-so-perfect-way) and she was simply sweet to him. It was a treat to see.

I’m super happy these guys found me:DHere are my favorties- MJ, I hope you LOVE them. <3

MJ - January 8, 2013 - 10:45 am

These are simply amazing, Dana! I DO, indeed, LOVE them!

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