Family Love at Christmas-time!

I LOVE PEOPLE and I LOVE ART. I think that is why I love being a portrait photographer. I get to meet GREAT PEOPLE and make ART for them. What could be better? I am thankful every day for having been blessed with a job that I love.

Here is a beautiful family… it was so fun to see the interaction between generations. The grandparents adoring their grandchildren. The grown siblings teasing each other and playing, the way that “grown-ups” who love each other dearly do, and this same middle generation loving and appreciating their own parents, now that they are grown.

Thanks for bearing the FREEZING COLD and for helping make my job fun, guys. Merry Christmas.

Here is your sneak peek!


Judy e. Thompson - December 12, 2009 - 2:33 pm

These family pictures are priceless! What a treat to see three generations together in print! Great looking family.J.T.

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