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What do you do when it’s 38 degrees out with a crazy wind chill factor, and your AWESOME clients are visiting from Chile- and it’s the only possible day to shoot? You shoot anyway. It may begin to snow (and it did!) but you do the best you can, and you hope that you get a few that they love.

So there’s my advice in that situation and that’s what we did. We had hand warmers and we got in the car a few times for “warm up breaks” and in the end we eventually thawed out. None of us like to be cold- but two year olds just don’t get what is going on- why are we out in the freezing cold? This sweet little girl was either smiles and giggles or in tears because she was so cold. There wasn’t really an in between. She certainly wanted to be happy, but when it’s that cold it’s so tough.

I am happy we went for it and we got some beautiful shots. I really wish we had been able to get more variety, but so grateful for what we DID get.

Kayli - January 17, 2013 - 10:39 am

OH MY! I love these photos almost as much as I love the people in them. You’re such a great photographer! Love you. <3

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