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My goodness I loved this session. It was partly because of great light and springtime- but mostly because of the 5 humans below.

I had a rough day yesterday. Without me getting too far into it, do some math: someone had really let me down + running late because of it + getting pulled over and ticketed + arriving at my shoot late to find out that I had no memory cards for my camera. All of that = frazzled, (feeling somewhat inadequate) photographer-ME. This family graciously forgave my lateness and the fact that I had to then again leave after arriving to hurry and purchase a memory card. (Small miracle that I didn’t get another ticket while doing so!)
Because of my mishaps, we (I) prayed that the rangers would not kick us out of the now-closed park (THEY DIDN’T!) and shot an extra long mini session to hopefully make up for it.
Recently, with so much of our time and energy being put into Weddings by Scott and Dana, I have been feeling like after our move to CA, that we might not be incorporating Family Portraits into our scope of work. At some point yesterday, I realized this is an impossibility. Not every family session goes easily. They are challenging. But the family sessions FEED me. Seeing this family, and knowing, that like my family, they may not have it all together, even though it seems like they probably do….. is therapy. To see this group of 5 individuals laugh together in the midst of this crazy world and all that it brings- and to see them love on each other in a way that is unique to their family heals me. I, like many moms, have doubts about the job I have done as a mother. I carry guilt. But you know what? FAMILY isn’t easy. And parents aren’t perfect. We all are just doing the best that we can.

This family warmed my heart. I’m sure they don’t know this, and I hope I haven’t made this post too much about me- but I wanted needed to share.

Enough words. Here are my favorites.

Brittany Busk - April 8, 2014 - 2:32 pm

You made me cry, Dana. You are so right! Family and parenting is so overwhelming! Portraits like these make us remember how important it is to nourish our relationships and just how important and how un-important all the other “STUFF” is. These are beautiful! I am sure they will cherish them forever! Don’t go to California! Stay! I want us to work together!

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