Graham | Class of 2013 | urban vision studios

Life is forever interesting. Check out this story.

My father was a professional photographer. Many, many years ago he shot the wedding of this handsome young man’s mother and father. Who would have thought that twenty-something years later I would be photographing their son. I remember the wedding photos. I used to marvel at my father’s work, and I clearly remember when he shot Mark and Jamie’s wedding. They were a striking couple that had smiles that made EVERYONE around them smile. I remember some of the images, but there was one in particular that I just LOVED so much. It was taken during the reception and it’s a shot of the flower girl on the dance floor gazing off into the distance as if she was thinking about her own wedding the way young girls often do. You can see the back of the bride’s dress in the back ground. It was a photo that told a thousand words. It might be one of the images that inspired me in some way to love photography the way I do.

This kid, is remarkable. There is a list of things that impressed me, and here are a few of the words I would use to describe Graham: kind, talented, considerate, respectful, engaging, handsome, humble, and motivated. Graham is in his senior year and plans to play water polo for one of many universities in the fall next year. I asked him which college he has in mind and he gave me a list of some impressive schools- and then as he put it: “it just depends on which of them have ME in mind”.

Good luck Graham. You are awesome.

jamie mc clone - September 18, 2012 - 11:23 pm

Dana, Your warmth and skill come through in every picture you take. Thank you so very much. You’ve created life time treasures for our family. We are so grateful for you and your talents! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! jamie

Judy thompson - September 18, 2012 - 1:21 pm

Dana… These photos of Geaham are so beautiful !! Every word that you used to describe him comes out in these pictures!!

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