Hannah ~ Class of ’14 | napa senior portraits | urban vision studios

I admittedly put too many photos in this blog post. Sorry, I’m not sorry. The location was just too cool, and Hannah is super easy to photograph…. and I have a hard time making decisions when I’m tired. So she gets lots.:)These shots were taken at Stewart Ranch in Napa, CA. Stewart Ranch is home of some beautiful Belted Galloway Cattle, also known as “Oreo Cows”- which are known for their superb flavor. Hannah was lucky enough to grow up hanging out at the ranch since she was very young- as one of her very closest friends family resides at and operates it.  She knew her way around the ranch, how to open all the doors and gates and which cow was the sweetest. She taught me at thing or two (none of which I can recall on demand in this moment, but those facts are there in my brain somewhere, I promise.)  I was impressed with the whole shebang. And I love our images. <3

Dana’s favorite shot from the session:

Fall Family Portraits | urban vision studios | Las Vegas photographer

If you saw the post before this one- well, this is the same family. They clean up alright, huh?! This is the 3rd time we’ve gotten to shoot together and I really working with them. It really warmed my heart when I arrived at their home for this session and saw one of their family portraits from a previous session printed on a large 30×40 canvas hanging over their fireplace mantle.
When I first started as a photographer, I didn’t realize the way having a large beautiful art-print hanging somewhere prominent in one’s home could have an affect on the day to day life. What made me realize it was having one of my own family hung. True story: When the kids were younger and life was a “mess”, to put it mildly, that large canvas image kept me grounded. In the midst of frustration, I would walk past it in our dining room and it offered something immediately calming.  A nice, big, visual reminder that life is BIGGER than the anxious, frustrated, angry, or sad moments that we have to conquer while raising a family.  That our love, and God’s love, will bring us through anything. I’ve often wondered if other moms (or even dads) who have large family art hanging, have received the same benefit. I sure hope so.

Ok, enough of my sappiness. Here are some of my favorites from this year’s Dowd Family session.

Family love- at rest and play | las vegas lifestyle portraits | urban vision studios

I’m not exaggerating when I say that my cheeks ACHE from working on this session. I just smiled my way all the way through it. This mama wanted to do a session in their pjs and when I saw the room that they had to shoot it in, I was SO excited, as it was perfect. Light, airy, just the way the session was in my mind. THEN, when I asked about letting the feathers from the pillows fly, and she AGREED, I did a back flip (ok I am exaggerating on that part). This was SO much fun.  The mess they had to clean up when they were done was nuts- but what a perfect way to capture the sheer joy and happiness of this family. Priceless. They will remember this forever.
(and so will I)
Here are a few favorites from our session:

Fawn Dowd - November 20, 2013 - 5:54 pm

Thank you Dana! We will remember this forever! You are amazing! The pictures are so much better than I hoped. I bet you are still finding feathers on yourself!