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This family decided on a two-part session. Some fun, colorful photos for their Christmas cards and then followed by some other awesomeness. The mama came up with an idea to do a ganster look for her family. Not like “gang-banger” but real old-school GANGSTERS! I love the creativity and I think she really pulled off a great look. Here are my favorites from both parts of the session. <3

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I am super flattered, as I had the genuine privilege of shooting family portraits for the super talented Arica of Petographique pet photography here in Las Vegas. *big smile*.  She does AWESOME work and I am constantly amazed at how she gets EVERY animal to cooperate. I follow her page and I see post after post of beautiful animals who she captured just perfectly. I’m sure she has some stories, but it sure seems like the ALL behave for her.  Perhaps they sense her kind and genuine spirit.
We had plans for a certain location which didn’t end up working out, so we had to think on the fly. Arica and John were such good sports- they just rolled with it and thanks to their 4 wheel drive truck, we found a great spot that we ended up loving- and got some fun images of their little fam.  Arica, John and Duke, thank you for being such good sports with us in the dirt- fun times. <3 Here are my favorites.


Karen Porter - November 14, 2013 - 5:16 am

These are fantastic. Love when Duke is turning around watching them jump/kick up their heels. Beautiful location.
Greetings from Nova Scotia, Canada

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Oh goodness. A faux hawk, a polka dotted tie, and those baby blue eyes…. are you kidding me? SO. DANG. CUTE. Actually, I think this whole family is straight out of a magazine!  I will say, that although we get a bit dirty, I just LOVE the urban sessions. I think there’s something about the way the light bounces off all the buildings downtown that makes the images have such pop. Especially this one, with their super cute outfits and bright smiles. Here are the favorites:

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It’s not a requirement to have a sense of humor in order to make it through parenting, but it sure does help. A lot. If you can’t laugh something off, then you’re going to have a lot more bad days than good days, in my humble experienced opinion. I wish I had learned to laugh it off a little more when my kids were little. This mommy and daddy did an awesome job making it through our session. Let me tell you how it went- first of all mom showed up with the two boys and they all looked AWESOME. She had styled them so perfectly, and HER outfit- I LOVED IT! She had told me that she had really been looking forward to our session. She also told me that they had been through a pretty rough day, including car trouble among other hectic things. Dad was running behind, but we were going to get started with the boys first and he would be there soon. Big brother was all about getting his photo taken (for the first three minutes anyway). Although he was extremely well behaved through the session, he is still only 4 years old… which means that his tolerance for sitting and/or smiling and for following continuous instruction is not quite developed yet. However, being super articulate, he continued to ask “Are we all finished now?”. A few more shots and… “Are we all finished now?”  Little brother was, as you will see looking dapper in his bowtie. However, he did not wear that bowtie because he was wanting to get portraits done. Nope this was not his idea of a good time- and after all, sometimes life sucks if you can’t have your pacifier. Right? Crying, with tears, mind you. Older brother chiming, “Are we all finished NOW?”.  Now dad arrives and gets to be a part of our circus act. Even though I pay no attention to the people around us, as I’m in the Zone, I’m SURE that they aren’t able to ignore us. We may be causing quite a scene (sprawled out across the sidewalk) About ten minutes pass, more of the same, and mom and dad are laughing- so am I. It really does feel silly and borderline completely pointless, but I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten one or two good shots, so I’m feeling a little encouraged. “Are we finished now?” We all look at big brother. And mom turns to me and says “Do you think we got enough good ones?”.  Mind you we are 25 min into a full session (1.5 hours, usually). I chuckled. We kept shooting.

Mom and dad NEVER once got angry or visibly frustrated with their boys. They just encouraged them and laughed their way through it. I could tell they really wanted good photos, but they weren’t about to let this be something that was any less than a positive experience. That was inspiring to me.

In the end, I, for one, am happy with what we got. And I’m pretty sure they are too. <3   Family love:

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It’s definitely family portrait season, and I got to meet another adorable family and shoot with them for the first time. Their little ball of energy and cuteness had us playing all over the park! She’s super smart- and quite a negotiator too, ha! To hear her call for their family dog (who, you’ll see is a lovable golden retriever, Sierra) “THYERA!!” was just a hoot. I sometimes forget how much excitement and energy comes along with 2 and 3 years olds. So fun, but I can imagine her parents are exhausted at the end of the day. <3

Here are some of the favorites from our sweet family session.