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Love these guys! I think this is our 6th or 7th session together- and the little daughter and I can officially call ourselves “friends”. We held hands for the last 10 min of our time together. It was sweet. She has reached the age where she “gets” what we are trying to accomplish and it’s so fun- as she couldn’t be any cuter! Hopefully she shares her new understanding with her adorable (and tough to catch) younger brother- that would make things easier, haha.  What a beautiful family!!

Crystal Foster - November 9, 2013 - 9:43 am

Absolutely beautiful!!

Webster Family | Family Portraits Las Vegas | urban vision studios

This beautiful family decided to do family photos because very soon they will be missing 50% of the “kids” in the family. Yep, the oldest heads off to college next year and life won’t be the same around their house. I guess it’s still around 10 months away- but it goes by fast. We have been going through the adjustment process the last couple of years in our home as well. We have had one move out, then another (who is back) and it’s only a very short time before they are ALL on their own. It’s bittersweet, to say the least.

Websters, appreciate these last few months of time. Scott, don’t scoff too much when Andrea needs another ten bucks. Monica, if she leaves her clothes in the washer, cut her a little extra slack. Savannah, if she steals your hairspray again, let her have it. You guys will miss her smile more than you know. <3

Family LOVE ~ Lovato Style | urban vision studios | las vegas family portraits

Hanging out with families like this one make me love my own family all the more. Seeing them laugh, love on each other, tease each other and just “be” all together in one place made me appreciate the essence of family, and all that comes with it. During this session, one of the little guys got hurt. He was literally run over by a bicyclist and did quite a tumble. At first, none of us knew how badly he had been hurt. It was a VERY traumatic experience for a 7 year old. Luckily it only resulted in scratches and bruises all over his arms. His family rallied around him (and his twin brother who was crying in empathy just as hard) and through hugs and encouragement from his big brother and the rest of the family, he was ok and was even able to forgive the girl who ran him over. It’s interesting, that out of all the good times we had, this instance is the one that gets shared. That’s because the important parts of life experience aren’t always butterflies and roses- this young boy had an experience that made him tougher. This family had a bonding experience. We need these types of things in our lives to serve as a reminder of the love we share for each other. After that happened, in seeing the reactions of his family, little Jason knew how much his family loved him, and all of the family members were reminded just how much they love their little Jason.

Much love to all of you, Lovatos. I was certainly blessed by the time with you.

The Baremans in the Fall | Las Vegas Family Portraits | urban vision studios

Just LOOK at these girls. I just wanna hold them and squeeze them. It made my day when I pulled up and got out of the car and the older daughter, Ava ran to me with open arms and gave me a BIG hug. I melted. Then she asked me “where’s that guy you bring with you?”. She was referring to my husband, Scott, of course. He was present at our last session together before this one. She responded “oh.” when I told her he wasn’t able to make it. So cute.

This session wasn’t one of the easiest sessions we’ve had together, but we still got some great stuff. I guess they can’t all go super smoothly!

I LOVE this sweet family so very much. <3 Here are the faves.

courtney - October 16, 2013 - 4:02 pm

Great job Dana!!! Amazing stuff :) We LOVE them :) Thank you for all your hard work & patience!!

Dake Family LOVE | Las Vegas Family Portraits | urban vision studios

I really like the FALL feeling of this session. The golden tones, and the way the mama styled them just perfectly for fall- LOVE it.. You’ve seen these guys on my blog before…. we have been shooting together for a long time. Their family is super sweet and I am always super happy when they call for a session. Have a look at how cute their little blondies are. Here’s a glimpse into our session.