Kennedy’s TWO. | Sacramento Portrait Photographer | urban vision studios

If you’ve seen this little nugget on the blog before…. then you remember this face. She’s as cute as they come. She’s no stranger to my lens- although this time she was a little stingy with the smiles. *Bashful*. You know how I feel about the smiles, I love them, but kids don’t go walking around with a permanent smile on their faces all day long, so it’s fun to get the other expressions too. ALL of her little faces are just precious- and you should hear her little voice, which offers cute little perfect words as well as generous mouthfuls of jibberish.  Too much fun! I’m already excited to see her next month when I come back to Sacramento again. <3 Here’re the faves.

laura d. - October 1, 2013 - 5:58 pm

Great pics! She is soo cute. Love the shirt that says 2!!

Judy E Thompson - October 1, 2013 - 4:40 pm

Dana…. You are an absolute magician!! You captured her beauty, her sweetness, her silliness and her and her impishness all in one sitting!!! These are spectacular!!!

Erna - October 1, 2013 - 4:11 pm

My lovebug. I love how you describe her :) . Soooo sweet. Perfectly captured. And love that I have both my girls here — a great spontaneous one! xoxoxo

Falynn’s Love | Las Vegas Family Portraits | urban vision studios

Falynn’s mama has had this tutu ready for Falynn’s portraits for a LONG time! SO VERY CUTE.  If it wasn’t for the itchy factor, it would be the BEST outfit EVER. Falynn looked so pretty. We had a beautiful day to shoot and it was fun seeing what would bring a smile to Falynn’s face. She is truly and angel and she did indeed give us some beautiful smiles. Here are the favorites. <3

Neon Boneyard Photo Session | Las Vegas Family Portraits | urban vision studios

The Neon Boneyard is a super cool spot. I’ve had the chance to shoot a few sessions out there and it never disappoints! The colors, textures and the “vegas-history” feel that it gives the photos really can’t be gotten anywhere else. I have seen the museum evolve into what it is today, and it’s quite impressive.

This sweet and beautiful family makes the boneyard look even better! How about that cute little tongue on baby Ella!? She’s just a doll. We got some great shots and certainly had fun doing it.

Palo Verde Senior Class | las vegas portrait photographer | urban vision studios

A funny thing happened with this beauty queen. When I spoke with her mom on the phone,  she told me a story about how her daughter had seen a wedding photographer’s work and she wished that photographer could do her senior portraits. It was Weddings by Scott and Dana. She told her daughter that she didn’t think it would be possible because they were wedding photographers. Her mom then showed her a photographer (us) and she liked us. While looking around on my website they decided to click on the ‘weddings’ link and of course, it took them to Weddings by Scott and Dana which is us.:DWhen they told me this story, it made my day, for sure.  I am happy that Paige and her mom found us, and that I got a chance to hang out with them with these images of this *gorgeous* girl as the end result. I also told her that someday, she better remember Weddings by Scott and Dana for her wedding photography ; )  Here are my favorites from my senior session with Paige.

Familia <3 | las vegas family portraits | urban vision studios

Oh these boys….. The dark eyes, the long eyelashes, the coy smiles. So precious.

They grow so fast. Dante, the one in the dark blue shirt was one of my very first newborn models, and that was a few weeks ago (wink face).  At this session, Dante was telling me all about how he will be starting Kindergarten next year. I thought to myself REALLY? Already??? It’s crazy.

Well this family has been sweet to watch grow. Every time I see their mama (who does an AWESOME job on my hair), she lights up when she tells me how they are doing. She’s so proud and rightfully so. She is living her dream. <3

trina diaz - September 21, 2013 - 5:58 pm

Oh Dana the way you see my family. . Takes my breath away! Your comments made me cry. .. your vision is priceless. . Thank you! !!!!!