Meet Dana.....

Urban Vision Studios began in 2008. I'd always had an interest in photography, even as a young girl as my father was a professional photographer. He would talk to me, casually, about what makes a good photo, and he'd let me play with his camera. I remember only 3 birthday gifts from my childhood. One was a stuffed animal duck, given to me by the boy I had a crush on for my 11th birthday. The other two gifts I remember were cameras from my parents. One, a Polaroid when I was 8. The other a pink Le' Clic camera for my 10th. The interest has been there for as long as I can remember. I was the yearbook photographer in Middle School, and took photography classes for my electives in both high school and college.



Through all of that, never once did I think I would be a professional photographer. In 2008 I realized I didn't have to do what I went to college for. It wouldn't make me a failure to change paths and I tried to think of what would be an amazing job. I couldn't think of anything, which was discouraging. A few months later, I stumbled upon some photography by a friend of mine and I was inspired by her. I went on Craigs List, bought my first DSLR, borrowed ALL the lenses my dad would lend me and shot a portrait session of my husband, Scott. That day, a spark caught fire and I've never looked back. They say if you find something you love and can make a living at it, you'll never work another day in your life. Well, that's me.